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Distance control of detectors for the examination of drill cores

Cox Analytical Systems provides X-ray analysis equipment to analyze the quality of drill core and mineral samples. The equipment can scan for elements of the periodic table in a single measurement run, and is upgraded with Micro-Epsilon’s laser profile scanners. This is because Micro-Epsilon scanCONTROL 2600 laser profile scanners are the perfect tools for geological analysis due to their high accuracy. 

In order to cover large areas quickly and safely, the LLT2600-100 laser profile scanners are the best choice. These scanners are used to fulfill the requirement of measuring the distance as well as scanning surface profiles and irregularities. The measured values are transmitted to the controls system via ethernet. Hosting these sensors directly on your equipment provides the best possible results, as these are small and lightweight. They have an integrated Ethernet output to connect it directly to control software. Hence you can rely on these sensors to obtain reliable measured values for further analysis.