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Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry involves a number of processes such as exploration, extraction, refining, transporting, etc, mostly of fuel oil and gasoline (petrol). Petroleum is further used as a raw material by various other industries including chemical, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, pesticides, etc. But due to the volatile environment of oil fields, it is necessary that certain parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow, etc are consistently monitored for ensuring safety and optimization during operations. Sensors go a long way for incorporating such measurements with accuracy and reliability.

Detecting anomalies in pipelines

Pipelines are considered the most economical and safest mean of transporting crude oil. Several factors such as maintenance, sabotage, corrosion, and ageing pipes and fittings may often contribute to forming an unintended leak that may end up in financial losses, as well as damage to reputation and the environment. Hence, a well-versed approach for monitoring unmanned pump stations is designed to remotely monitor oil pump stations for leaks in an automated way. Bestech Australia provides thermoIMAGER TIM thermal imaging cameras by MicroEpsilon make use of non-contact measurements of temperature distribution to monitor these anomalies that may result in leakage in the pipeline. The...


Measurement of LNG tank movement caused by calamities and vibrations

LNG tanks store LNG (Liquified Natural Gas)  compressed at medium pressure for ease of storage and transportation. Movements to these tanks can be due to earthquakes, floods, or vibration of subsea and underwater tanks and these tanks are susceptible to damage when subjected to such seismic excitations. The receives a big impact pressure at the wall and bottom plate due to the sudden change in the conduct of the interior fluid. To measure the movement of the tank, special LVDT sensors are considered suitable for use. Bestech Australia provides spring-loaded LVDT sensors with IP68 rating. These position sensors monitor the alignment of the tank...


Structural health monitoring in marine oil and gas

Oil and gas environments are constantly exposed to hazardous atmosphere with extreme weather  conditions and damaging forces which may bring upon structural failures and shutdowns affecting safety of workers and incurring many financial losses. Hence, regular maintenance of  equipment is done to avoid any of these outcomes. However, accessing the site regularly is quite challenging and dangerous for workers as thesse sites are mostly remotely located. To address this problem, special monitoring systems are designed to monitor the structural integrity of the platform remotely. Bestech Australia provides wireless sensor technology by BeanAir for structural health monitoring purposes. The system is an...


Petroleum exploration and research

Extracting oil from oil field requires a timely and effective extraction as only 15 % of the available oil actually makes it to the well bore during the extraction process. This is due to the porous and permeable nature of the reservoir rocks, in which the oil is found. To overcome this problem, several recovery techniques are employed for extending the life of an oil field and maximising the profit. The research for these techniques rely heavily on pressure transducers. Bestech Australia provides P61 USB Pressure Transducer by Validyne for this purpose. The sensor monitors pressure changes in the reservoir rock samples. This sample is...