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Petroleum exploration and research

Extracting oil from oil field requires a timely and effective extraction as only 15 % of the available oil actually makes it to the well bore during the extraction process. This is due to the porous and permeable nature of the reservoir rocks, in which the oil is found. To overcome this problem, several recovery techniques are employed for extending the life of an oil field and maximising the profit. The research for these techniques rely heavily on pressure transducers.

Bestech Australia provides P61 USB Pressure Transducer by Validyne for this purpose. The sensor monitors pressure changes in the reservoir rock samples. This sample is created to simulate the reservoir rocks. Natural gas and various surfactants are pumped as a foam through the sample and the pressure transducer measures the pressure drop across the sample as the foam is introduced. This pressure drop will give an idea about the effectiveness of the foam which will be used to increase the oil production. The pressure transducer measures low pressures effectively and connects directly to the PC data acquisition system via a USB port.

Sensor technology used: 

Pressure transducers