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Measurement of LNG tank movement caused by calamities and vibrations

LNG tanks store LNG (Liquified Natural Gas)  compressed at medium pressure for ease of storage and transportation. Movements to these tanks can be due to earthquakes, floods, or vibration of subsea and underwater tanks and these tanks are susceptible to damage when subjected to such seismic excitations. The receives a big impact pressure at the wall and bottom plate due to the sudden change in the conduct of the interior fluid. To measure the movement of the tank, special LVDT sensors are considered suitable for use.

Bestech Australia provides spring-loaded LVDT sensors with IP68 rating. These position sensors monitor the alignment of the tank using a  built-in electronics for DC input/output operation. The transformers operate from a ±15V DC input and provide a pre-calibrated 0 to ±10V DC output. They feature Spring-Loaded Gage Heads that measure tolerance of specific points of a part. These gage heads operate over a wide operating temperature range -18° C to 85° C while performing at a linearity ±0.15% of full range. These sensors make  multiple contacts with the tank and take precise measurements to determine if it is in or out of tolerance.

Sensor technology used:

LVDT sensors