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Detecting anomalies in pipelines

Pipelines are considered the most economical and safest mean of transporting crude oil. Several factors such as maintenance, sabotage, corrosion, and ageing pipes and fittings may often contribute to forming an unintended leak that may end up in financial losses, as well as damage to reputation and the environment. Hence, a well-versed approach for monitoring unmanned pump stations is designed to remotely monitor oil pump stations for leaks in an automated way.

Bestech Australia provides thermoIMAGER TIM thermal imaging cameras by MicroEpsilon make use of non-contact measurements of temperature distribution to monitor these anomalies that may result in leakage in the pipeline. The measuring system detects leaks based on temperature differences presented by the thermal camera and visualizes and records the detected temperature data as thermal images. These cameras can operate in a temperature range of -20°C to 1800°C and measure the infrared radiation emitted by a body to determine the temperature.

Sensor technology used:

Thermal Imaging Cameras