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Structural health monitoring in marine oil and gas

Oil and gas environments are constantly exposed to hazardous atmosphere with extreme weather  conditions and damaging forces which may bring upon structural failures and shutdowns affecting safety of workers and incurring many financial losses. Hence, regular maintenance of  equipment is done to avoid any of these outcomes. However, accessing the site regularly is quite challenging and dangerous for workers as thesse sites are mostly remotely located. To address this problem, special monitoring systems are designed to monitor the structural integrity of the platform remotely.

Bestech Australia provides wireless sensor technology by BeanAir for structural health monitoring purposes. The system is an integrated system allowing BeanGateway wireless coordinator and Beandevice wireless sensor to operate without internal battery. Beanair has introduced  wireless passive SAW sensors for temperature and strain measurements that provide reliable measurements under harsh environments. Since this system doesn’t use any integrated battery, these sensors are free from electrical risks. The BeanAir SmartSensor Series is based on MEMS technology, allowing for remote monitoring and control tasks through a wireless sensor network. The measurment system consists of a wireless sensor, integrated with sensor power supply, micro-controller, radio transceiver and a data logger.

Sensor technology used:

Wireless sensors