Hydraulic Training System

Our hydraulic training system and training simulator is designed with the intention to teach fundamentals of hydraulic and safe troubleshooting and diagnostic procedure to students of all levels that aspire to work in hydraulic-related occupation. This training system combines the teaching of fundamental theory and practical skills such as Pascal’s Law, Inertial Force, Power, Pressure differential. Each learning activities has a defined learning outcome, allowing instructor to put a capstone assessment on students progress.

Our hydraulic training system is also available with plug and play modularity to experiment with different types of system and component. The product range also include a state-of-the-art, electronically controlled training simulator hydraulic transmission training simulator. This skid-steer loader simulator can be driven as if it was on a construction site. Students can operate, troubleshoot or even abuse the system without risk and hazards. Instructors can also perform assessment and demonstration while the system is operating under any load conditions.