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MF300 VCLS | Hydrostatic Transmission & Hydraulic Steering Training System

The MF300-VCLS is a 2-in-1 training equipment designed for teaching and demonstrating operation of hydraulic steering and hydrostatic transmissions. A fully-functional hydraulic steering system is designed in the front-end, while the rear-end has a fully-functional hydrostatic transmission. The model has bi-directional flow meters installed in the closed loop that lets students experience how oil flow reverses direction when the displacement control mechanism moves over-center. Two identical overcenter pumps are featured in the system for the students to see exactly how the displacement control mechanism works when the system is in operation.

This training system was designed to assist teachers to safely teach and demonstrate correct troubleshooting and diagnostic procedure for most industrial and mobile hydraulic system. The MF300 is also available in troubleshooting version where every components in the system can be electronically failed by a flick of a switch.

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