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MF-500 | Hydrostatic Transmission Training Simulator

The MF500-HT-TSE training simulator is a state-of-the-art, electronically controlled hydrostatic transmission system designed to give its users a real-time construction site experience like driving a skid-steer loader. Students can drive this device under any type of operating condition with the help of electronically-controlled, infinitely variable, wheel-load system. The MF500 training simulator is designed to operate without any hazards associated with using diesel-driven mobile machinery.

The MF500 is the solution that any fluid power instructor have been looking for. It is regarded as the safest and most effective hydrostatic transmission training simulator to demonstrate and teach the troubleshooting and diagnosis of hydrostatic transmission system. The instructors can also perform group discussion and demonstrate the operation and diagnosis procedure under any type of load condition. Students can load, troubleshoot and even abuse this machine in the laboratory.

Datasheets:  MF500-HT-TSE
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