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MTP-NP | Modular telemetry

The MTP-NP is a compact and miniature modular telemetry system for universal measurement applications. The system consists freely select-able sensor modules including universal analog module for measurement of voltage, strain gauge and IEPE sensors as well as temperature module for thermocouple, a controller module and an inductive transmitter unit. Each sensor module is available in a 2-channel or 4-channel option and is equipped with signal conditioning capability, A/D converters, antialiasing filters and a digital output.

One MTP-NT controller module can control up to 256 channels or 128 sensor modules. It can be installed near where the sensors are located and connected to each other over longer distance of up to 10 meters without compromising the quality of signals. The processed signal is output via a bit-serial PCM signal which can be transmitted via inductive method up to distance of 50mm.

This modular digital telemetry system is suitable for non-contact measurement of torque, acceleration and temperature on rotating shaft.

Key features:
  • 2-256 measurement channels
  • 0-24kHz signal bandwidth
  • 16-bit data resolution
  • Input sensors: strain gauge, thermocouple, IEPE, voltage
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