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CTP | Universal high speed telemetry

The modular CTP telemetry system enables the acquisition from 16 measurement signals from stationary or moving vehicle such as during the in Pass-By-Noise testing. The signals are processed and transmitted via wireless to the receiver unit by using a robust and interference-free radio link. The data transmission can be possible with distance up to 2000 meters, depending on the digitization, transmission power and antenna types. The unit is powered with external power supply of 10 to 30VDC.

Each measurement channels can be easily configured on the users computer via the LAN adapter. Users can configure and freely select the measurement range, zeroing function and automated shunt calibration via the easily-configurable and friendly web interface.

Key features:
  • 16 measurement channels
  • 0-24kHz signal bandwidth
  • Input signals: Strain gauge, Thermocouple. IEPE, voltage
  • 16-bit data resolution
  • Operating temperature: -20 to 70C
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