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  • MAPS – 4 (Bottling Plant)
  • MAPS – 4 (Bottling Plant)

    This mechatronics system is designed to be a miniature bottling plant, demonstrating the automated bottling operations used in the industry. Bottles are placed on the conveyor belt. As it reaches the end of the conveyor, a linear arm, picks and places the bottle on the rotary table with filling and capping modules. After capping, bottle is placed into weighing module and then based on weight, stored in palletizer.

    The teacher can introduce faults into the system for the students to troubleshoot and fix, thus teaching them automation troubleshooting techniques. The system can be expanded to include a second filling station and color sensing modules for inspection.

    The MAPS4 mechatronics system is built with the following modules: belt conveyor, filling station, capping station, capacitive sensing, linear pick & place, rotary pick & place, rotary indexing, weighing module, palletizer module, pneumatic system.

    Concepts Covered
    • Sensors
    • PLC
    • Pneumatics
    • Troubleshooting
    • Inspection
    • Motors
    • Operations
    • Transfer Mechanisms
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