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786V High measurement range Piezoelectric Accelerometer

The Wilcoxon piezoelectric accelerometer 786V is the new version of Legacy 793V with a wider frequency range, rugged design, compact housing, light-weight at a comparatively low price. It eases the acceleration vibration measurement comparison with ISO standards. This velocity sensor is capable of eliminating noise influences through external integrators and has a high measurement range of up to 500g. The piezoelectric sensor has combined the high-quality upgrade with cutting-edge technology to offer versatility in its applications and trustworthy data to its users. The Wilcoxon piezoelectric accelerometer finds its suitability for monitoring imbalance, looseness or misalignment in rotating machines across the industries. Its applications in machinery are highly reliable while keeping the sensor budget-friendly. The piezoelectric sensor can be included in the industrial market of oil & gas, chemical, water & wastewater, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, manufacturing to name a few and benefits the users ranging from instrumentation engineers, system engineers, reliability engineers and operations
Sensitivity Tolerance ±5%
Frequency Range 1-12,000 Hz
Sensitivity, ±5%, 25°C 100mV/in/Sec
Grounding Case Isolated, internally shielded
Protective Rating IP67
Weight 90 gms
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