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  • Motion Reference Modules (MRM)
  • Motion Reference Modules (MRM)

    Gladiator Technologies is a leading designer and manufacturer of world class high performance MEMS Gyros & Accelerometers, Systems and Integrated GPS based on their over 100 years experiences. The MRM analog IMU’s feature bias and scale factor modelling over the entire operating range, compensation for g sensitivity and misalignment as well as internal vibration isolation, precision alignment and environmental sealing for robust performance in hash applications. Highlights:
    • Better bias and lower noise;
    • Low power, low voltage;
    • Lightweight with small dimensions.
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    Products Gyro Noise Accel. Noise In-Run Gyro Bias G Sensitivity Sensor bandwidth
    Ultra low noise MRM50 0.0015°/sec/ 1°/hr 140 Hz
    Very low noise MRM40 0.002°/sec/ 0.04mg / 5°/hr < 0.01°/sec/g 140 Hz
    High performance MRM30 0.003°/sec/ 0.04mg / 8°/hr < 0.01°/sec/g 140 Hz
    1″ cube MRM20 0.01°/sec/ 0.05mg / 15°/hr < 0.02°/sec/g 140 Hz
    Low cost MRM10 0.014°/sec/ 0.07mg / 25°/hr < 0.03°/sec/g 140 Hz
    The essential components of a solid-state MRM are three linear acceleration and three angular rate sensors. These six sensors measure motions relative to a central point. Though MRM has very small dimensions, there are different operating principles on which the linear acceleration and angular rate sensors can be based, and the accuracy of the measurement depends on the placement of the system that is suitable for specific applications.
      • – Commercial
      • – Military
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