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WSPF Series | Compact Plug In Signal Converters

The Watanabe WSPF Signal Converters are series of compact and low cost plug-in signal converters requiring little maintenance. The WSPF product line includes isolators, distributors with current loop supply, thermocouple converters, RTD converters as well as potentiometer converters.

Key features of the WSPF signal converters are:
  • Wide-range zero-span adjustment (10%)
  • High adjustment sensitivity
  • 3kV withstand voltage.
  • Compatible with DC 30V power supply.
Click on the Model number to download the datasheet.
ModelTypeAccuracyResponse TimeDimensions (in mm)
WSPF-ISIsolator0.1% FS25ms84(H) x 23(W) x 106.5(D)
WSPF-DSIsolator0.1% FS25ms 84(H) x 23(W) x 106.5(D)
WSPF-DSW2-output isolator0.1% FS25ms 84(H) x 29.5(W) x 106.5(D)
WSPF-DEHigh speed isolator0.1% FS120µs84(H) x 23(W) x 106.5(D)
WSPF-DEW2-output high speed isolator0.1% FS120µs84(H) x 29.5(W) x 106.5(D)
WSPF-DBZInsulation distributor0.1% FS25ms
WSPF-DBZW2-output insulation distributor0.1% FS25ms
WSPF-THSThermocouple converter0.2% FS25ms
WSPF-THW2-output thermocouple converter0.2% FS25ms
WSPF-RTSRTD converter0.1% FS25ms
WSPF-RTW2-output RTD converter0.1% FS25ms
WSPF-MSPotentiometer converter0.1% FS25ms
WSPF-MSW2-output potentiometer converter0.1% FS25ms
  • 8P Socket type
  • 11P Socket Type
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