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  • LF series: Low elastic strain gauges
  • LF series: Low elastic strain gauges

    The LF foil strain gauges are ideally suited for strain measurement on wood and gypsum. The gauges are designed with special grid and backing made of epoxy resin. They are self-temperature compensated for materials having a thermal expansion coefficient of 11 x 10-6/oC.
    Operating temperature : -20oC - +80oC
    Applicable specimen : Wood, gypsum
    Temp. compensation materials : Wood, gypsum
    Temp. compensation range : +10oC - +80oC
    Strain limit : 30000 x 10-6 strain
    Gauge pattern Model Gauge length (mm) Gauge Width (mm) Backing length (mm) Backing Width (mm) Resistance (Ω)
    LFLA series – Single element 10 3.1 18.5 5.3 120
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