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  • imc CAEMAX Dx | Modular multi channel telemetry system
  • imc CAEMAX Dx | Modular multi channel telemetry system

    The CAEMAX Dx telemetry is a compact and lightweight multi channel universal telemetry system with integrated antenna for radio transmission. This flexible wireless measurement system can be used with different sensor configurations up to maximum of 24 channels. Up to 4 transmitters can be operated synchronously with one CAEMAX receiver unit for simultaneous acquisition and recording of spatially distributed measurement points. Each transmitter unit can condition and digitize up to maximum of 6 input signals and can be connected with different types of sensors such as half-bridge, full-bridge or thermocouple. The CAEMAX receiver unit can synchronously acquire data from up to 4 transmitter modules. The data can be output via CAN interface, Ethernet or analog 4-20mA or 0-10V signals. These can be easily configured via Ethernet or a standard web-browser.

    The Dx multi-channel telemetry system is specifically designed for torque and strain gauge measurement on the rotating shaft. Therefore, it has been designed with a divisible shaft housing to allow for quick assembly and installation as well as protecting the strain gauge and the transmitter electronics. The power is supplied through the inductive coil or an inductive ring stator for continuous operation. Optionally, battery can also be used as secondary power supply.

    Key features:
    • 6-24 channels
    • Battery & inductive power supply
    • 0-1kHz signal bandwidth
    • Input sensors: Strain gauge, voltage, thermocouple
    • Operating temperature: -40 to 85 C
    The CAEMAX Dx telemetry has been profoundly used for all applications in vehicle testing such as in:
    • Power measurement in rotating components
    • Temperature measurement on the wheel
    • Wheel speed measurement
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