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Dx Power | Non contact power measurement

With the Dx Power telemetry system, mechanical power measurement on axles and rotating shafts can be easily performed. The system can be directly mounted on the vehicle axle using a half-shell housing and it does not require an additional stator or reference point. Strain gauges and rpm sensors can be connected to the transmitters for recording of torque and speed, respectively. The receiver unit calculates the values of two signals to determine the power according to the formula Power = Torque x Speed. The data can be telemetrically transmitted to the receiver unit inside the vehicle. Up to four transmitter units can be synchronously operated with one receiver unit, allowing for synchronous acquisition of data from four drive wheels on test bench. Data can be analysed and processed via CAN, ethernet or analog.

Key features:
  • Mobile use or Test bench application
  • Waterproof housing IP68
  • Maximum of 5kHz sampling rate per channel
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