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  • Dx Speed | Telemetry system for wheel speed acquisition
  • Dx Speed | Telemetry system for wheel speed acquisition

    The Dx Speed telemetry system can comfortably measure wheel speeds of passenger cars, trucks, vans and mobile machinery. It has a robust design to withstand measurement in harsh environmental condition such as mud, snow and dust. As impacts against the axle has negligible effect on the measurement results, this system can also be used during challenging driving conditions such as driving over train sleepers.

    The Dx system can be easily mounted on the wheel bolts and do not require a stator rod or additional reference point as well as require no troublesome wiring to obtain accurate measurement results. This compact telemetry system captures dynamic change in wheel speed which is ideal for  wheel speed measurement on standing water. The system can be setup and assembled in few minutes and can be transported and stored in a much more convenient way compared to conventional measurement system. This wireless speed measurement system can measure up to 4 wheels simultaneously by using four Dx speed sensors with one Dx Speed receiver.

    Key features:
    • Speed 7200 rpm
    • 0.5% accuracy
    • IP68 protection rating
    • 5kHz sampling rate per channel
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