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High Temperature Load Cell

Our high-temperature load cells offer stable tensile and compression force measurements at temperatures as high as 180° C. For temperatures above 150° C, the load cells are delivered with 6-wire high-temperature resistant cable E 2419 STK 6 6x0,25 PTFE. For operations in standard temperature range, the sensor is delivered with cable Unitronic FD CP Plus 4x0,14. The load cells mostly have the design and body of a miniature load cell and a thread M5 or M3 for force transmission. Some of the load sensors in this series tolerate displacements of force transmission and lateral forces due to their double-beam design.

  • Measuring range: 10 N to 200 KN
  • Operating temperature: -10° C to -180° C
  • Accuracy: 0.05 % to 0.1%
Typical applications of a high-temperature load cell are:
  • Wire rope measurements
  • Testbeds
  • Overload securing for lifting tools
  • Process controllers
  • Weighing scales
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