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H6522 Surface Irrigation Demonstrator

The Hydrology Surface Irrigation Demonstrator is designed for educational institutes to investigate surface water penetration utilizing various irrigation methods. It helps students to understand the advance, wetting, depletion and recession phases of surface irrigation. This training equipment can be set up to show surface slopes and irregularities, soil textures, and wetting patterns of various emitters. This laboratory equipment incorporates a bench mounted base with levellers, sump tank, pump, starter, rotameter with control valve, tank, nine tile drain taps, two percolation taps, and hose set.  

Experiment Capabilities:

  • Sub-surface drainage
  • Effects of infiltration on a land slope, soil texture, surface irregularities and discharge rates
  • Wetted patterns of various emitters
Specifications:  Dimensions
  • Length: 60" (1524mm)
  • Depth: 24" (609.6mm)
  • Height: 31" (787.4mm)
  • Weight: 450 lbs (204.5kg)
  • Cu.ft.: 44 (1.25M3)
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