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H6510 Drainage and Seepage Tank Demonstrator

The Hydrology Drainage and Seepage Tank Demonstrator is designed for educational institutes to investigate water flow through permeable media. The teaching equipment enables students to determine the flow lines and distribution of up-lift pressure and seepage rates using sand as the medium. This training equipment incorporates a mobile carrier with a sump tank, pump, starter, control valve, tank, adjustable overflow drains, tank drain, six pressure taps, dye injection tank with hose, model set, and graduated beaker to perform the laboratory experiments.

Experiment Capabilities:

  • Uplift Pressure on Hydraulic Structures to demonstrate direct pressures acting to uplift a retaining structure
  • Seepage Through Earth Embankments to demonstrate the flow lines through a sloped earth embankment.
  • Flow Under Wall Pilings to demonstrate the lines of flow under wall pilings.
  • Flow Nets in Porous Media (Sand) to demonstrate the flow lines through an open channel wall.
  • Dimensions: 58”H x 60”W x 24”D
  • Weight: 650 lbs
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