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H6521 Model Sedimentation Tank

The Hydrology Model Sedimentation Tank is designed for educational institutes to investigate the hydraulic characteristics and settling efficiencies of a model settling basin. It enables students to measure the sediment removal efficiency and relate this to the hydraulic characteristics of a sedimentation tank. The teaching equipment helps in the understanding of the water supply system and wastewater treatment process using sedimentation. Using the laboratory equipment, the students will be able to evaluate how non-uniform flows occur and their interaction with sediment settling characteristics. The Model Sedimentation Tank consists of a bench, sump tank, settling tank, pump and instrumentation.  

Experiment Capabilities:

  • Comparison of real flow regimes with flow models
  • Flow rate, inlet water temperature and baffle position effects on dispersion.
  • Dye tracers to measure flow short-circuiting and dead space.
  • Related hydraulic characteristics to sediment removal efficiencies.
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