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H-8476 Hydraulic Demonstration Channel

The H-6531 Hydraulic Demonstration Channel is designed for educational institutes to investigate the analytical applications of fluid mechanics in situations where fluids can be treated as continuous media. It will enable students to demonstrate the laws of conservation of mass, continuity, energy, and momentum. The training equipment simplifies the practical application of these laws to help students describe quantitatively the behaviour of the fluid. The sediment channels for demonstrating the fluid mechanics also enable the practical teaching and demonstration of phenomena such as critical and subcritical flow and a hydraulic jump. With the help of this teaching equipment, the operator will be able to control all flow variables, including slope adjustment, movable tailgate, adjustable head tank, undershot gate, and flow control. The teaching equipment enables the study of many open channel phenomenon, such as:
  • Operation of a sluice gate (using the headgate assembly)
  • Effect of positive & negative grade (slope) on the development of critical flow velocity.
  • The parameters involved in the formation of a “hydraulic jump” in a straight channel
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