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H6526 Ground Water Flow Tank

The Hydrology Ground Water Flow Tank is designed for educational institutes to investigate simple three-dimensional flow models utilizing sand as a medium. The teaching equipment introduces students to the basics of groundwater and how contaminants move into groundwater. It uses a multitube manometer to show profiles and make level measurements at appropriate locations. Tank demonstrations provide the students with practical experiments about land drainage, flood risk, wells, and drainage of lakes or ponds. The Ground Water Flow Tank consists of a mobile structural tube frame base, tank assembly with fittings, and a nineteen-tube manometer.  

Experiment Capabilities:

  • Hydraulic Gradient in Ground Water (Darcy’s Law)
  • Cone of Depression for a Single Well, unconfined
  • Cone of Depression for a Single Well, confined
  • Cone of Depression for 2 Wells
  • Excavation Site Using 2 Wells for De-watering
  • Drainage of Lake or Pond
  • Dimensions: 42"H x 43¼"W x 25"D
  • Weight: 500 lbs
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