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New Industrial Laser Distance Sensor for large measuring ranges


Bestech Australia pleases to announce the release of the new high-performance laser distance sensor from Micro-Epsilon, the optoNCDT ILR2250. This industrial standard laser distance sensor operates based on the phase-comparison principle and offers a measurement range of up to 100 m. The range can be extended to 150m by attaching an additional reflector film on the object to be measured. 

This new laser sensor is a bridge between the traditional long-range laser and the highly precise laser triangulation sensors.  It can measure with 0.1mm of measuring resolution, yet offer an extended range for long-distance measurement. It also comes with an auto integrated mode which offers high signal stability even when used to measure on challenging surfaces such as dark, structured, or weakly reflecting surfaces. 

The laser distance sensor is also integrated with a mounting plate with 4 threaded pins which makes the sensor alignment and mounting easier. The sensor features a robust design in an IP65 certified die-cast aluminum housing, which provides it protection against dirt and splashes of water. It offers extremely stable measurement and easy integration into OEM applications. 

The optoNCDT ILR2250 laser distance sensor can be used in factory and plant automation due to its compact size and lightweight structure. It is utilised in drone applications for distance measurement from the air. Other typical applications of the laser distance sensor include position measurement on gantry cranes, filling level measurement in silos, acquisition of coil diameters and diameter measurement of rings during rolling. 

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