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High precision industrial thickness measurement system


In industrial manufacturing, engineers design measurement systems to measure physical dimensions such as thickness on their manufactured products. Thickness is often the indicator that products are manufactured to the adhered standard. It also ensures that correct amounts of raw materials are being used to minimise waste in the process. Generally, high precision displacement sensors with good repeatability are required to perform thickness measurements.

Bestech provides a wide range of non-contact displacement sensors capable of performing one-sided or two-sided thickness measurements. The sensors are available with various signal outputs and communication interfaces that facilitate easy integration in the manufacturing environment. The laser triangulation sensors offer the best repeatability and have a flexible measuring range that can apply in almost all measuring applications. Confocal sensors and interferometer measures at high precision down to sub-nanometer and picometer resolutions. These high precision measurement systems could perform one-sided thickness measurement on transparent materials. Other types of sensors, such as eddy current sensors or magnetic gauge, maybe technically feasible depending on your application.

We can customised measurement system that features the above-mentioned sensors. A thickness measurement system that utilises two laser triangulation sensors fixed on a robust frame, the thicknessSENSOR. This system can be directly integrated into the production line without requiring complex installation or system integration.

The selection of the appropriate thickness measurement sensor for your specialized applications can be challenging. It depends on a wide range of factors that may include the type of objects to be measured, mounting options, signal conditioning and data transmission requirement.

Reach out to us if you are looking to design a new thickness measurement system for your process. Or, if you have any issue with your current system, we can offer consultation to solve your problem. Our application engineers can assist by proposing customised, cost-effective and straightforward solutions best suited for your requirement.

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