Basic Electrical & Electronics Training

Basic electronics is a scope of study in electrical engineering that involves the concepts of electronic components, circuits and diagrams. It is the basic subjects in the early year of an engineering degree to teach students more complex electronics concepts. Our teaching equipment can demonstrate operations of electronics components and systems. It provides a learning platform to engage students in learning principles of electronics components by building circuits from circuit diagrams. These educational learning aids also allow students to understand the role of direct observation in electronics and distinguish them based on theory and on the outcomes of experiments. In addition, lecturers can use the unit to experiment with various assignments and learning activities to educate students on the fundamentals of basic electronics and guide them through the practical tasks. Bestech Australia offers a dynamic range of educational and teaching equipment to demonstrate the operation of basic electronic components and circuits. They are suitable for laboratory demonstration and practical learning during first-year engineering education and other registered training organization or vocational training institutes. We have a comprehensive range of technical products that offer interactive learning opportunities. Our training equipment also helps students develop a basic understanding of experimental electronics and data analysis in basic electronics. Moreover, students can use these demonstrators to enhance their conceptual knowledge by combining fundamental theory and practical application.