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DL-Open Lab SA

DL OPENLAB-SA is a training equipment designed for educational institutes to give students a hands-on learning experience in the comprehensive course on electrical machines. The training equipment enables students to understand the basic concepts of electrical machine construction. These concepts include electromagnetism principles with the analysis of magnetic fields and fluxes, characterization and the efficiency analysis of rotating machines in different working conditions. DL OPENLAB-SA is an “open-structure” with rotor windings, stator windings and brushes, completely exposed to perform didactic experiences such as the analysis of magnetic fluxes and magnetic fields. This feature helps students to learn the internal construction and assembly of different types of electrical machines in detail and carry out practical experiments.  The training equipment comes with software developed in LabVIEW. This software communicates with the main components of the modular system allowing a data acquisition system and an automatic approach to the experiments.  

Scope of Learning

  • Study of the magnetic field
  • Principles of the electromagnetic induction
  • Separately shunt, series and compound excited dc motors
  • Separately shunt, series and compound excited dc generators
  • DC motor and DC generator with permanent magnet
  • Induction motors: three-phase slip ring and squirrel cage, single-phase repulsion and capacitor
  • Dahlander connection
  • Synchronous three-phase motor, induction regulator and phase shifter, alternator, universal motor
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