2D/3D laser scanners

For measuring the 2D or 3D profile of an object, laser scanners and optical micrometers are used. The laser scanners operate on the principle of laser triangulation for 2D profile detection, which allows measurement accuracies in the submicrometer range. They are used for a wide range of applications particularly in electronics, precision mechanics, and in the manufacture of precision parts. In the case of moving objects or a traversing sensor, 3D measurements are taken with the same laser profile scanners. The profile scanners are available with both red and blue laser and are selected according to the type of application in hand.

Optical micrometers are suitable for various monitoring and measuring tasks such as diameter, gap, position and segment. They are available as two product lines; optical fibers and laser precision micrometers.

Laser scanners and optical micrometers from MicroEpsilon are known for their high performance and maximum accuracy. The laser scanners are employed in various applications including surface inspection, quality control, gap measurement, and monitoring processes. The optical micrometers, on the other hand, are suitable for harsh environments and are primarily used in applications where high precision is required.