Optical Micrometers

The optoControl systems from MicroEpsilon are optical micrometers used for various measurement and monitoring tasks. The complete optical micrometers consist of a light source and a receiver or a CCD camera. The light source generates a parallel, continuous light curtain, which is lined up with the receiver. If an object interrupts the light curtain, this shadow or darkening is detected at the receiver unit. This configuration enables measurement of many dimensional properties such as diameter, gap, position and segment.

Our optical micrometers are available as two product lines; optical fibers and laser precision micrometers. The CLSK optical fibers offers versatility for measurement in harsh, industrial environments. Some example applications include monitoring the presence of a target object through to recognition of gaps or web-edge detection. The optoCONTROL ThruBeam laser precision micrometers are equipped with LEDs or a laser light and are primarily used in applications where high precision is required due to their high accuracy and measuring rate.

Optical micrometers can be used for:

  • Dimensional measurements in production, quality assurance, and service tasks such as diameter, gap, height, position
  • Position and assembly monitoring on automatic assembly machines and conveyor systems
  • Measurement and installation in tight space