Infrared pyrometer

An infrared pyrometer operates based on the black body radiation measuring principle to estimate the temperature of an object. It is a non-contact temperature measurement sensor that offers high speed and reliable reading over period of time. Its design iss generally compact and suitable for measurement in restricted or hard-to-access space and for high-volume manufacturing in OEM applications. It also has robust construction housing to suit applications in harsh and extreme environment.

Bestech supplies the latest infrared pyrometer sensors that comprise a general infrared thermometer for almost all applications, a ratio pyrometer based on two colour measuring principle, infrared sensors with laser sighting capability as well as compact infrared sensors for OEM applications. We have the most suitable sensors for measuring on almost all different types of surfaces such as metals, combustible gases, wood, and many more.

Our infrared pyrometers offer fast, precise and stable measurements of temperature up to 2200C. Data output is available via analog, digital and optional USB interface. Large numbers of different types of lens are available which allow users to freely select the measurement distances.