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imc CRONOSflex | Modular, spatially distributable data acquisition system

The imc CRONOSflex offers a high degree of flexibility to set up your own data acquisition system. The whole system does not require rack or frame as both the base units and the amplifier modules have independent housing. These modules can be connected via a simple click mechanism or alternatively spatially distributed over a standard network cable. Therefore, each individual modules can be placed over a distance of 100m.

  • 2MhZ frequency range with measuring rate of 100kHz per channel
  • Integrated real-time analysis
  • Synchronous acquisition from up to thousands of channels
  • Simultaneous reading of analog, digital and vehicle bus data
  • Unlimited expansion capability
  • Measurement on rotor blade in wind turbine
  • In-vehicle testing
  • Testing and validation of the mechanical, electromechanical and mechatronics in manufacturing, QC/QA, R&D test stands, test cells and bench-top testing.
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