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imc BUSDAQflex | Flexible and intelligent multi-bus data logger

The imc BUSDAQflex series is used to collect measurement data from automobile, railroad, and aeroplane buses. These compact devices demonstrate that they are much more than simple recorders thanks to their flexible triggering options and internal real-time data processing. The imc BUSDAQflex series can readily function in harsh settings thanks to its condensation prevention and a wide temperature range. This specifically means that, when employed in off-road testing, operation is guaranteed with interior module temperatures ranging from -40 °C to +85 °C and up to 50g shock resistance. Two CAN nodes are present in the system's default setup. These can be expanded up to twelve nodes for various field and vehicle buses depending on the house size chosen. In addition to CAN, interfaces are also available for LIN, FlexRay, ARINC, MVB, XCPoE, and CAN FD. Through a programmable APPMOD interface with an Ethernet or RS232 interface, additional protocols and buses may also be connected. Imc BUSDAQflex allows live decoding of individual channels as well as intricate protocols like CCP, KWP2000, XCP, OBD2, UDS, DiagOnCan, TP2.0, and GMLAN in addition to capturing raw data streams and protocol channels.    
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