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imc CRONOScompact | MODULAR and COMPREHENSIVE data acquisition system

The imc CRONOScompact is a comprehensive data acquisition system with integrated measurement, control and simulation. These are configured in one housing, providing the users with reliability for synchronization, convenience and ease-of-access to all tools in one place. The CRONOScompact is commonly used for electromechanical testing applications such as measurement of highly dynamic vibrations, test stand automation or monitoring process signals and fieldbus data throughout the entire test cell. It is integrated with signal conditioning devices to ensure compatibility with almost all types of sensors; high voltage, current fed, strain gauges, thermocouples and many more.

  • Portable or Rack-mounted option
  • Modular hardware to suit changing requirements
  • Intuitive and sophisticated triggering system
  • Versatile and flexible storage
  • Synchronized with other imc devices for acquisition of thousands of channel
  • Real-time data analysis and monitoring
  • Standalone, remote or interactive
Test stand applications:
  • Dynometer testing
  • Structural test, durability test
  • Climatic tests and optimization
  • Brake tests
  • Component test field applications
  • Powertrain testing HiL test stands - hardware in the loop testing
Vehicle testing:
  • Drivability, dynamic behavior
  • Comfort measurements
  • Safety and security
  • Climatic tests and optimization
  • Brake performance testing
  • Chassis measurements
  • Engine and powertrain testing
  • Car performance testing
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