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Trainer Model Description
Heating/Cooling H-RST-8: Heat Pump Trainer H-SZCT-1: Single Zone Control Trainer H-DSSCT-1: Solid-state Controls Trainer H-ACCS-2: A/C-Heat Pump Trainer HEE-11: Heating and A/C Electrical Wiring Trainer HEE-11A-FT-1: Intermediate Electricity Trainer H-ACCS: Air Conditioning Control System H-PCT-1: Pneumatic Controls Trainer H-RST-17: Heat Pump Trainer H-AP-2: Air Distribution System Trainer H-FAHT-2: Forced Air Heating Trainer H-FAHT-1E: Electric-fired Forced Air Heating Trainer H-FAHT-1-G: Gas Fired Forced Air Furnace H-FAHT-1-G-A: Forced Air Heating Trainer with Summer Air H-AHST-D3: Air & Hydronics Gas/Electric Heating Trainer with A/C H-AHST-D2: Air & Hydronics Gas/Oil Heating Trainer with A/C H-AHST-D: Air & Hydronics Gas/Oil Heating Trainer without A/C H-Gc-2A: Gas Controls Trainer H-OBF-2A: Oil Burner Furnace Control Demonstrator H-RST-12: Heat Pump Trainer Hampden
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