A/C Refrigeration and Training Kits

A/C Refrigeration and Training KitsH-ACTK-23: Geothermal Trainer H-ACTK-2-BMK: Refrigeration Trainer Kit – Capillary Tube H-MACK-HP: Heat Pump Trainer Kit H-MACK-10: Domestic A/C Trainer Kit w/ Storage Cabinet H-MACK-9: Commercial Walk-in Cooler Trainer Kit w/ Storage Cabinet H-MACK-6: Multiple Evaporator Trainer Kit w/ Storage Cabinet H-MACK-2: Domestic Freezer Trainer Kit w/ Storage Cabinet H-MACK-1: Beverage Cooler Trainer Kit w/ Storage Cabinet H-ACTK-22: Split-Type Heat Pump Trainer H-ACTK-21: Mini Split-Type Air Conditioner Trainer H-ACTK-20: A/C Refrigeration Control Trainer H-ACTK-12: Water Chiller Trainer Kit H-ACTK-11: Small A/C Water Cooled Trainer Kit H-ACTK-10: Room Air Conditioner Trainer Kit H-ACTK-9: Florist Cooler Trainer Kit H-ACTK-8: Salad Box Cooler Water Cooled Trainer Kit H-ACTK-7: Ice Cream Freezer Trainer Kit H-ACTK-6: Multiple Case Cooler Trainer Kit H-ACTK-5: Meat Cooler Trainer Kit H-ACTK-4: Grocery Reach-in Cooler Trainer Kit H-ACTK-3: Two-Door Refrigerator Trainer Kit H-ACTK-2: Single Evaporator Trainer Kit H-ACTK-1: Beverage Cooler Trainer KitHampden
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