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A/C Refrigeration

Trainer Model Description
A/C Refrigeration H-RST-20: Geothermal Trainer H-CRT-4A: Commercial Multi-Compressor Rack Refrigeration System Trainer H-DSCT-1: Dual Speed Compressor Trainer H-CFS-1B: Compressor Fault Simulator H-PRD-1: Potential Relay Demonstrator H-IMD-1: Ice Machine Demonstrator 262-19X: Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Test Bench 262-19-1: Air Conditioning Test Bench Without Oven 262-19: Air Conditioning Test Bench with Oven H-RST-6: Basic Refrigeration Trainer HEE-11R: Basic Electricity Relay Trainer H-RST-11: Red Dot Air Conditioner Trainer H-RST-5: Refrigeration and A/C Trainer H-RST-10: Refrigeration Trainer H-RST-6: Advanced Commercial Refrigeration Trainer H-CRT-3: Advanced Commercial Refrigeration Trainer H-RST-9: Reverse Cycle Refrigeration Trainer H-RST-3B: Basic Refrigeration Trainer H-RST-2: Refrigeration System Trainer H-CRT-1: Commercial Refrigeration Trainer H-CRT-2: Commercial Refrigeration Trainer H-ACD-2: Recirculating Air Conditioning Trainer H-ACD-1:Air Conditioning Demonstrator H-ACT-1:Air Conditioning System Trainer H-IRT-1: Industrial Refrigeration Trainer H-TPCT-1: Three-phase Compressor Trainer H-CPT-1A: Single-phase Compressor Trainer H-FRD-1A: Fundamental Refrigeration Demonstrator H-ACTK-CTA-BMF: Refrigeration Trainer with Faults H-ACTK-2-BMF: Refrigeration Trainer – Capillary Tube H-ACTK-1-BMF: Refrigeration Trainer – TEV Hampden
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