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Endevco6222S | High temperature Piezoelectric accelerometer

The Endevco 6222S is a high temperature piezoelectric accelerometer especially designed for measuring vibrations of gas turbines used in aerospace and industrial application. This accelerometer is highly sensitive and features a low-profile design with a rugged connector and a standard ARINC 3-point mounting. The unit can endure a continuous operation at a temperature as high as 260°C with long Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF). This accelerometer doesn’t require external power to operate as it is self-generating. The model is made compatible to be used with Endevco’s 6917 series of shielded, softline cable assemblies.

Key Features:
  • Typical Charge Sensitivity: 20, 50 and 100 pC/g
  • Temperature: -54˚C to +260˚C
  • Measurement range: 1000 – 4000 g
  • Frequency Responses: max 9kHz
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