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Endevco 2220E | Miniature high temperature piezoelectric accelerometer

The Endevco 2220E is a miniature piezoelectric accelerometer for vibration measurement on small and miniature structure. This miniature accelerometer is hermetically sealed and can be operated at high temperature environment up to 260˚C. The product is very lightweight which effectively eliminates the effect of accelerometer mass loading on measurement. The sensor also generates stable output sensitivity over a long period of time as it operates in annular shear mode. It is supplied with a low-noise coaxial cable for its error-free operation. The 2220E piezoelectric accelerometer is ideally used for testing of small motors, hydraulic actuators or aircraft’s auxiliary power unit.

Key Features:
  • Operating temperature: -55˚C to 260˚C
  • Frequency response: 1 to 10000Hz
  • Measurement range: up to 5000 g Measurement range: up to 4000g
  • Resonance Frequency at 50 kHzOperating Temperature: -73?C to +149?C
  • Charge sensitivity: typical 3.0 pC/gFrequency response: 5 to 10 000 Hz
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