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Endevco 2224C | General Purpose Piezoelectric accelerometer

The Endevco 2224C is a low-cost general-purpose piezoelectric accelerometer ideal for vibration measurement on small structures. Atop connector is attached to this unit which allows the accelerometer to be conveniently mounted in a restricted installation space. The signal ground is connected to the outer case unit to make the accelerometer case electrically isolated from the ground. Therefore, the case can be used with an isolated mounting stud. The model also supplies a low-noise coaxial cable to ensure an error-free operation.

Key Features:
  • Typical charge sensitivity: 12 pC/g
  • Resonance Frequency at 32 kHz
  • Frequency response: 1 to 6000 Hz
  • Measurement range: up to 1000 g
  • Temperature range: -55˚C to +177˚C
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