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Meggitt 2248/2248M1 | High temperature Piezoelectric accelerometer

The Meggitt 2248 is a small and compact piezoelectric accelerometer ideal for shock and vibration measurements in high temperature applications such as in Nuclear or gas turbine applications. A side 10-32 receptacle is featured with this unit along with either flange (2248) or integral stud-mount (2248M1). This special construction provides mechanical isolation of base strain and the mounting surface. This model has the signal ground connected to the case.

Key Features:

  • Typical Charge sensitivity up to 3 pC/g
  • Frequency Response: 1 to 8000 Hz
  • Resonance Frequency: 25 kHz
  • Measurement range: up to 3000 g
  • Temperature range: -54°C to +482°C
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