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Endevco 22 Picomin | Smallest Piezoelectric Accelerometer

The Endevco 22 Picomin™ is the smallest piezoelectric accelerometer that is available in the industry (weighs 0.14 gm). It requires no external power as it is self-generating. The transducer is designed in such a way that it experiences reverse-polarity with the mounting base with respect to acceleration. The Endevco 22 miniature piezeoelectric accelerometer is supplied with a low-noise coaxial cable to minimize error during operation and a tool for removing the cable and the transducer in the field. This accelerometer is used for vibration measurement on small objects like scaled models, circuit boards and disk drives.

Key Features:
  • Typical charge sensitivity of 0.40 pC/g
  • Resonance Frequency at 54 kHz
  • Measurement range: up to 4000g
  • Operating Temperature: -73?C to +149?C
  • Frequency response: 5 to 10 000 Hz
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