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eddyNCDT3070 | High performance eddy current sensor with small measuring range

The eddyNCDT3070 is an alternative of the high performing EddyNCDT 3060 for measuring small range of displacement of 1mm or less. Due to the small measuring range, the eddyNCDT 3070 is ideal for measurement in restricted installation spaces. The compact design of this eddy current sensor allows for easy integration into industrial machinery and offers high precision distance, position and displacement measurement in various industrial applications. It is also suitable to be used in high volume applications such as in OEM. The eddyNCDT3060 is designed to achieve an outstanding measurement accuracy when used in environment where temperature is unstable. The sensors can be operated in ambient temperature up to 200C and ambient pressure up to 700 bar. It also offers easy and simplified operation through a user-friendly web interface without requiring additional software.
Key features:
  • Range : 1mm or less
  • Resolution : 0.025% of Full scale (@20kHz)
  • Measuring rate: 50kHz
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