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eddyNCDT3060 | High performance inductive eddy current sensor

The eddyNCDT3060 combines high standard of resolution, linearity and temperature stability in one system, and therefore, defines a new level of performance in inductive eddy current measurement system. The eddyNCDT3060 system offers high speed capability with smart signal processing for versatility in industrial use, such as integration into modern FieldBus interface. It is ideal for integration into plant and operating machinery due to its compact design. The eddyNCDT3060 is designed to achieve an outstanding measurement accuracy when used in environment where temperature is unstable. The sensors can be operated in ambient temperature up to 200C and ambient pressure up to 20 bar. It also offers easy and simplified operation through a user-friendly web interface without requiring additional software.
Key features:
  • Range : 1 – 4mm
  • Resolution : 0.01% of Full scale (@20kHz)
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