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eddyNCDT3001 | Compact eddy current sensor

The eddyNCDT3001 is a compact, entry level inductive eddy current measurement system. It is initially designed as an alternative to inductive proximity switches. The eddyNCDT3001 is compensated for temperature fluctuations up to 70oC for stable operations under unstable environment. It is designed with integrated electronics to offer easy operations and installations. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for OEM or machine buildings applications. As the eddyNCDT3001 is factory-calibrated, it is suitable to be used for continuous and long-term operation in industrial measurement, such as in wear or condition monitoring applications. It also has a high frequency response to measure fast and dynamic objects.
Key features:
  • Range : 2 – 8mm
  • Resolution : maximum. 4µm
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