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eddyNCDT SGS4701 | Spindle growth system

The eddyNCDT SGS4701 is developed to measure thermal extension in spindles, particularly in high-speed milling applications. Due to the nature of high machining speeds and the amount of heat generated, it is required to compensate for the linear thermal extension of the precision machine tools to keep the spindle in the right position at all times. Operating based on the eddy current principle, the SGS4701 (Spindle Growth System) sensor measures the temperature of the sensors, the thermal and centrifugal force extension of the spindle. These values are fed into the CNC machine to compensate for any positioning errors. Consisting of a sensor, cable and a controller, the SGS4701 is factory calibrated for measurement of ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic materials. Design of the sensors and controllers are compact and miniaturized, enabling complete integration in the spindle. The systems are also highly resistant against heat, oil and dust for application in industrial environment.
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