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Force Gauges

Bestech Australia offers a broad range of products for the measurement of applied force and load. Force transducers and load cells are available in avariety of capacities and constructions for every application.Types:
  • Load cells for tension, compression only or both
  • Double range load cells
  • S Type universal load cells
  • Load pins and single point load cells
  • Shear beam load cells
  • Centre hole / through hole constructions, low height
  • Multi axial force transducers for measurements in more than one axis
  • Miniature / Subminiature load cell, compact design
  • Submersible load cells for submarine mooring line application
  • Heavy duty loadcells for use in various harsh environments
  • Hermetically sealed loadcell
  • Pancake load cells with low profiles
  • Fatigue rated load cells
  • Proving ring testing
  • Hand-operated press fit load cells
  • High accuracy
  • High overload protection
  • High temperature stability
  • Excellent price/ performance ratio
  • Excellent consistency and durability, with materials such as stainless steel and nickel plating
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ProductsCapacityAccuracyOverload CapacityDisplay Characteristics
Mechanical Force Gauge
LG Series1-500N±0.5% FS110%0.5% FS (dial resolution)
DG Series100-2500N±0.5% FS110%0.5% FS (dial resolution)
Digital Force Gauge
DFX II Series50-1000N±0.3% FS150%High resolution, dot-matrix LCD 8 lines, 21 characters
DFE II Series10-2500N±0.25% FS150%10 Hz (update rate)
DFS II Series2.5-5000N±0.1% FS150%10 Hz (update rate)
DFS II R Series2.5-5000N±0.1% FS150%10 Hz (update rate)
DFS II R ND Series with SLC Load Cell2.5-5000N±0.1% FS150%10 Hz (update rate)
Ergonomic Gauge
MSE100 Series225-500N±0.5% FSOperating mode: – Normal – Peak StrengthDial indicator displays peak strength
DMG Series1-2.5kN±0.5% FS110%0.5% (dial resolution)
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