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New high-speed Infrared pyrometer for measuring dynamic processes


Bestech Australia introduces the new high-speed pyrometer from Micro-Epsilon, the thermoMETER CTM-4SF10-C3. This infrared sensor has a measurement range from 0 °C to 500 °C and offers both large and short-wave spectral ranges for measuring metallic and non-metallic materials.

The CTM-4 pyrometer can measure at 11kHz, which is a much faster rate than the conventional infrared pyrometerAll these measured values can be easily obtained as output via different interfaces, including the USB interface. The pyrometer can be integrated into restricted spaces as it has a compact sensor design and has a separate controller.

Due to its extremely high measurement speed, the CTM-4 is an ideal option for dynamic applications such as  brake temperature of railway wagons and wheel bearings while the train is moving. In the packaging industry, it can be used to measure temperature measurement of hot melt glue or it can be used in production lines. 

Selecting the right pyrometer depends on many variables and requires an adequate level of technical understanding of infrared principle. Speak to one of our sensors experts at Bestech Australia to ensure that you are selecting the right sensors for your applications. 

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