Wifi Sensors for IoT applications

The Wifi sensors are IoT ready sensors incorporating a reliable, ultra low power Wifi technology. These new generation sensors are available in several models such as wifi accelerometer for measuring vibration, wifi inclinometer for measuring inclination or tilt and wifi shock sensor.

The Wilow sensors provide lossless data transmission feature and flexible options of power supply. Therefore, these wifi sensors are ideal for measuring tilt and vibration in structural health monitoring applications. They also offers a rapid return of investment to the users due to the low installation cost and eliminating the needs for complex wiring in sensors implementations.

This new generation Wifi sensor can reliably measure vibration, inclination and shock as It incorporates a reliable, ultra-low power and open standard Wifi technology with 2.4GHz frequency band (IEEE 801.11 b/g/n). The sensor is encased with a rugged, waterproof aluminium casing with IP67 protection.

With an embedded data logger, the WiLow sensor is capable to store up to 5 millions data point with outstanding “Store and Forward+” feature. This means data will be stored in a Wifi access point or Wifi receiver and they will be transmitted to the network at regular transmission cycle. Network disruption will not affect the data transfer as they will be re-transmitted to the network on the next transmission cycle. This creates a lossless data transmission feature that avoid loss of invaluable data

The WiLow Iot ready sensor also offers smart and flexible power supply that is compatible with USB or solar panel. The WiLow shock sensor, in particular, incorporates a smart shock detection (SSD) technology that wake up the sensors upon shock detection above a certain threshold. This further reduces the sensors’ power consumption and the sensors can be used reliably for long-term monitoring in a remote location